My name is Brian and welcome to my website. This is me wearing one of my knitted creations, designed by Kaffe Fassett. Amongst a few other pleasures, I am a very keen knitter.

I was working as a full-time musician until 2011. I retired from the profession and began working in the hospitality industry. It was there that I discovered an interest in bookkeeping and accounting – oddly enough. This was due to a sequence of events that transpired and I found myself being given the responsibility of filling in a gap until a more qualified person could replace me.

With this new found interest I left the hotel and restaurant world and did a course in bookkeeping. I found employment quite quickly and it was a very satisfying and interesting move from the life of a cellist. 

I started The Legitimate Affiliate  in 2018. The site is a result of my search for an online opportunity that would potentially give me the option of working from home at creating a blog that I could hopefully earn an income from for many years to come.

While I was doing research online I saw many, many “be-your-own-boss” and “make-money-online” offers. I was very skeptical about ALL of them! The offers just seemed way too good to possibly be true.

On one of my browsing trips I came across a site that was offering a very easy way to make money that required close to no work from me. Of course I was intrigued and decided to look a little deeper into the matter. Thankfully I did and came across numerous first-hand reviews that were absolutely scathing. One of the reviews was written by a man I now know as John. He introduced me to a University that was going to teach me and train me to become a successful online entrepreneur.


Most Internet marketing scam reviews are from our viewpoint, have one objective and that is to promote yet another scam. They are not serious about helping visitors find a program that operates with integrity. One of the aims with this blog is to unearth some of the scams that really are out there. The intention is to offer an honest affiliate marketing review. I aim to recommend what is in my opinion the best affiliate marketing program suitable for beginners, experts and anyone in between.


The Legitimate Affiliate will always be in the development stages as there are new things coming at us in the form of lucrative prospects everyday. The objective is to offer you the opportunity of an honest, scam-free platform and to share with you what I am learning and introduce you to alternative ways to learn and start earning with legitimate internet marketing through affiliate associations.

I have no vested interest in bringing down other affiliate programs that also honor integrity, but I do believe that what I have found with Wealthy Affiliate is a program that ticks ALL the boxes.

Your Decision

We can use all the words and offer you our opinion but you are the one who has to decide what is the program that best suits your needs and criteria. 

Click on this link and read more about Wealthy Affiliate where I will take you on a tour and where you too can get started.

ALL the essential affiliate marketing tools are available to you. By the way, NO credit card required. How is that for an offer that you don’t see often?

Thanks for visiting my site and all the best,



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